What is your motivation?

Mines is FREEDOM!

To live a life on my own terms with ultimate freedom I had to be WILLING to drop everything that was holding me back. 

As some may know being a photographer in New York City is tough. Its an over saturated competitive field. So I did the typical, I went and got a job, simply to help with my student loans and bills I have acquired over the years going to school and also living on my own. 

 After going to job interviews after interviews, I was turned down. So I started working retail jobs and restaurants jobs just to get by. I was in a rat race. Then reality hit me when I caught myself breaking down after my 3rd job in one day, yeah at times I would work all 3 jobs in one day! I had to open my mind and my beliefs and do something I wasn’t comfortable with doing. Re align my goals with my actual purpose and do whatever I had to do to not work for someone else for the rest of my life. Constantly challenging myself. Expanding my knowledge and surrounding myself with the doers and the achievers. Worked while they slept. Learned while they partied. And live like they dream.

Does your money work for you? Or do you work for your money? A wise man once said if you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you'll die working for it. This statement hit me hard. Each dollar you spend on the things that will eventually go to waste, can be a dollar you can invest into something that can quadruple.

I was over working hourly wage and trading my valuable time for money every single day. Counting down the minutes until work was over; so dreadful sucking the life out of me. I didn’t have time for my passion nor the people I love. Now it’s all about being my own boss and helping others do the same. 

Are You Ready For The Financial Revolution?

Discover how you can make money daily from your phone without recruiting, selling products such as pills, lotions, oils, supplements, and travel packages. 

For the first time ever I was able to be my own boss! And so can you, at NO EXPERIENCE watch the video professionally presented by one of my main partners and mentor, be sure to leave your name, email and a message so I can get back to you to get you started to earning and learning.

We're also offering FREE webinars, along with private weekly hands on trading events for those that are interested in learning the very skillset that have changed the game for not only myself, but many others.  Furthermore, if you're one with a business mindset, and is familiar with business models and is interested in making a source of residual income from your very smart phones I can show you that as well. We all have multiple bills, why not have multiple sources of income? If you're ready to get started, or interested in getting on a call with me, leave your name, email and a message for further information.

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